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OUT OF BOUNDS is a media-archaeological statement on the futility (and injustice) of borders. It demonstrates the foundations of the moving image by using a strobed light that brings to life a figure of a border transgressor pushing through a border wall, again and again and again. Derived originally from video images, the figure and wall are created with a laser cutter and strobed and triggered by a microprocessor and associated components.
OUT OF BOUNDS is a 3-D layered stroboscope that illuminates the sensation of transcending the arbitrary boundaries imposed by institutions, governments and power structures. The stroboscope reveals by its flashing frame-by- frame motion the perpetual cycles of borders and walls erected to impede the movement of people and other life forms. The installation uses the 150 year-old technology of the stroboscope to demonstrate the historical and timeless continuity of the notion of border and how simply they are transgressed.
Made by glenda drew & Jesse Drew.