framed handkerchiefs
purple handkerchief cotton ball handkerchief cross stitch handkerchief
framed handkerchiefs

BLOW! is a series of sassy handkerchiefs for women with slogans such as “Don’t Be Snotty,” “Don’t Be Snotty Be Nasty,” “Blow Hard,” “Love Your Mother; Blow Your Nose,” and “Blow, Baby, Blow.” At a moment in history where much emphasis in the visual arts and design is placed on surface messaging and pleas to consider sustainability in the face of climate change, BLOW! offers a practical and humorous solution to a never-ending problem of the runny nose (and other predicaments). BLOW! handkerchiefs encourage the old-fashioned tradition of reusable hankies.
BLOW! is collaboration between artists glenda drew & Alyssa Goldsmith.
The content of our work is rooted in creating messaging with greater social implications, having fun and encouraging behavior change. Our subjects include waitresses, feminists and workers. Our practice is multifaceted in form and includes graphics, photography, textiles, interaction and audience participation. We approach our work with an organic sense of play, exploration and curiosity tempered by the design discipline with the goal of making meaningful work.